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Yi Leather

Special #003 Watch Strap

Special #003 Watch Strap

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Strap Width/Buckle Width
Strap Length

Custom made with cross stitching on the strap. This will add some wow factor to your watch. Seen here is a 22mm tapered to 20mm strap. 


- For sizing, take a thread or tape to wrap it around your watch wrist and mark it when point
  A touches point B. Lay it flat and measure the length to determine the strap length.

- Stainless steel buckle provided 
- A straight strap would mean the strap width is the same as buckle width. A tapered strap 
  would mean the strap goes narrower towards the end.
- 6 to 12 days expected for completion

Please indicate colour of your choice and we will get back to you!

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