Watch Strap Handcrafted in Singapore

IMPT: Thank you everyone for your support, to better work on fulfilling the back orders, any orders placed for Dec 2021 will be fulfilled in Jan/Feb 2022.

The collections is all handmade by me in Singapore. It is rather small for now but it will be updated from time to time. Take your time to browse and perhaps you can make you and your watch happy!

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  • Vegan Watch Strap

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    Eco friendly coconut leather is here! The unique texture and colours is a perfect conversation starter and strap pairing for these is not difficult at all! Seen here are straps 20mm/18mm buckle. To further extend to the eco friendly theme, the backing of the strap are in alcantara material that is suede like. If you like to have a leather backing, leave a note when you check out!

  • Coasters

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  • Valet Trays

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