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Ghost - La Bretagna Blue Leather Watch Strap #01

Ghost - La Bretagna Blue Leather Watch Strap #01

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The Italian La Bretagna Ghost veg tanned leather is a strap unique to each individual wearer. The white wax on the leather will work it way through forming patina and revealing the blue over time. 

Colour and grains might differs from picture as no two strap will be identical. 

Strap is done up in vintage stitching style in beige thread. Seen in picture is a 20mm/18mm strap. 


- For sizing, take a thread or tape to wrap it around your watch wrist and mark it  when point
  A touches point B. Lay it flat and measure the length to determine the strap length.
- Stainless steel buckle provided 
- A straight strap would mean the strap width is the same as buckle width. A tapered strap 
  would mean the strap goes narrower towards the end.
- 10 to 15 days expected for completion

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