Bracelet by 19_Karats

Bracelet by 19_Karats

New in Town!

What is a better way to dress up your wrist in our daily hectic life? It’s none other than having 1 or 2 bracelets on your wrist!

19_Karats is a local setup that is dedicated to providing you handcrafted beads bracelets for both men and women to accessorize your daily outfit. There is something for everyone from something minimalist to portraying the extrovert in you. The bracelet design is in limited runs, staying true to exclusivity. I wouldn’t say you will get a completely different design each time round but these guys from 19_Karats will try their best to come up with design different from the previous runs they made.

If you like a bespoke piece unique to its own, speak to us and we will handle the rest from here!

Drop me an email to get started!